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About JEM

Our Values

JEM’s corporate values are fundamental to our success.

They are the foundation for our organization, define who we are, and set us apart. They underlie our vision of the future, our business strategies, decisions, actions and behaviors, and are characterized by the following six attributes.


  • We Treat People with Respect and Dignity
    We will constantly treat all people with whom we interact with the respect that they deserve. Our continued success will be dependent on providing access to knowledge, education, support and development to help people grow.

  • We Celebrate the Diversity of People, Ideas and Cultures
    We appreciate the myriad of cultures, lifestyles, experiences and ideas that other people have to offer. We respect, value, embrace and celebrate global diversity, and consider people's individuality to be a source of personal strength and creativity.


  • We Conduct Ourselves with Integrity
    We are each personally accountable for behaving honorably and fairly in all aspects of our work. We want our audiences to know that we are an ethical and trustworthy organization that holds their best interests at the forefront and will deal with them honestly.


  • We Take Responsibility for Excellence
    Our campaigns, projects, programmes and products will be the “best-in-class” in terms of value. We will deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement, and respond vigorously to changes and new market demands.


  • We Seek Knowledge and Growth through Learning
    At the heart of our organization is a passion for continual improvement.
    We will make time, not merely find time, to invest in our own learning and development. More importantly, we will share what we learn with our peers so new knowledge and insight can be applied positively.


  • We Are Willing to Take On Big Challenges and See Them Through
    We can only improve and grow if we constantly challenge ourselves. With a daring spirit and inquisitive mind, we are willing to dream the big dream whilst being sensitive to maintaining the proper environment for logical progression and follow through.


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