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"Born to be the Boss"

“Born to be the Boss” is a campaign to encourage a culture of entrepreneurship by helping millions of budding entrepreneurs around the world turn their business ideas into reality.


The primary goal of the campaign is to nurture and develop aspiring entrepreneurial talent. To do so, the campaign is guided by the following four objectives to increase total entrepreneurship activity by creating a stimulating environment conducive for entrepreneurs of any age and background to start and grow their businesses.



Incite: primarily by firing up the imaginations and motivations of enterprising individuals by presenting information and insight that can aid the development and progression of their entrepreneurial ideas.



Ignite: by offering access to networking and learning opportunities where individuals can connect with their entrepreneurial passions and interact with likeminded people to share knowledge and ideas.



Incubate: by providing entrepreneurial support in the form of start-up business coaching opportunities and ongoing mentorship and guidance.



Impart: by sharing entrepreneurial wisdom, knowledge and best practices with developing nations so they too are equipped with the know-how to instigate social change and seize new entrepreneurial opportunities.


Please click here for more information on how to plan, start and grow your own business.


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