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Planting Seeds of Education

Today, many children in Africa never have the opportunity to go to school, either because they cannot afford the school fees, or more often than not, there is no school for them to attend. In fact, the United Nation’s estimates that in sub- Saharan Africa alone, 45 million youngsters, do not attend school.

Born out of a desire to help address this social issue, JEM’s Schools for Africa campaign is an initiative designed to support the development of new school buildings and classrooms in rural African communities.

Through purchasing any of our corporate products or services, you will be making a contribution to help build sustainable, educational infrastructures that, in turn, will offer a safe and protective environment whereby African children and teenagers can learn, play and become masters of their own lives.

We would therefore like thank you for your support and hope that you are able to take solace in the knowledge that your contribution will in some measure help to unlock the potential, the dreams and the future growth of a whole new generation of young people in Africa.












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